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There is this dancer, his name is Soramame Takeuchi.

His dance is easy to convey. So much that it almost seems as if you could put all his movements into words. Like simple words they strike a cord deep within one’s heart.

Soramame was a theatre actor. Not sure what it was, but something felt different. With my camera, I decided to find out.

One Summer, when Soramame turned 49, he suddenly felt this urge to dance, like lava flowing out of a volcano, he just couldn’t control it. He didn’t suddenly become a dancer of course, but he felt so strongly that it was what he was born to be. And with no doubt in his mind he just kept on dancing.


Soramame and I met at photo exhibition he danced. There he was shining in the rain. I didn’t want to just let it go so I decided to say hi.

I have yet to see him dance on stage. And I am not sure if I want to, I can’t imagine ever seeing him in an enclosed space.


If I had to sum up his dance in one word, it would be like “wind”. Wind is funny thing, it’s so ubiquitous in the sense that everyone knows what it is, but at the same time everyone sees and feels differently.

Wind not from any particular direction, wind that touches people nearby and they move on.

And it is that feeling, that scent now lives within me.

When it’s gone, there is this scent in the air. It sometimes tickles and it sometimes leaves a feeling of emptiness, of nostalgia. That’s what his dance reminds me of. Feelings left behind.

In that sense his dance is part of this world we live in. Not something made. It dissolves into us, and it kinds of make me want to see it with my feet on the ground.


We might do more together, or we might not. No one is to know. What will be will be. Him and I, both part of this world. One more reason to love, to breath.

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